Tying Shoelaces

1 Month 'Taster' Package

A basic introduction into Body Transformation.

What type of training will I do?

Your Personal Training sessions will include:

- Balance & Stability Training; though using a balance pad, disk or an exercise stepper

- Flexibility Training; using basic postures from Yoga and Pilates

- Resistance Training; using free weights, resistance bands and kettlebells

- Core Training; using bodyweight, slam balls and free weight equipment

- HIIT (Tabata) Training; using cones, agility ladders and battle ropes

I specialise in resistance and bodyweight training. Resistance training with appropriate weights is key because as your lean muscle tissue increases, the rate at which you burn calories increases which in turn accelerates your metabolic rate. This helps to reduce excess body fat levels to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. 

Every package includes the following:

  • Bespoke training programme featuring 2x one hour Personal Training sessions per week

  • Tailored nutritional coaching that will complement your lifestyle and transformation goals

  • Wellbeing coaching sessions (these informal face to face sessions are where we assess all aspects of your transformation check-list both evaluating and setting weekly targets)

  • Regular email, phone or zoom contact providing motivation, guidance and reassurance at every step of your journey

  • Complimentary ‘An Introduction to Body Transformation’ handbook - full of healthy eating, exercise and wellbeing advice to start you on your journey

  • Weekly body composition measurements and fitness assessment (optional)

How much is the basic introduction into Body Transformation package?

This package is £360. This works out to £45 per session .

The minimum time I work with a client is 8 sessions. This is necessary to build a structured plan and start to work towards your goals.  

Session locations:

  • Outdoor venues include Stoneham, Wish, Davis Park, and Hove Lawns.

  • In-home personal training - especially for clients who may be uncomfortable using a gym or outdoor environment. 

  • Private fitness studio in Hove (supplement fee)


Your journey starts now...

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Image by Thom Holmes