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Our first aim is to work together to understand your motivations and reasons for embarking upon your Body Transformation journey. You may already have some very specific goals that you'd like to work towards or we may set these together. I will work alongside you to tailor a plan that's right for you in order to achieve the results you want.

Weight Loss Essentials

Weight Loss

To achieve weight loss, you'll initially be focused on strength and body weight training as well as high impact interval training (HIIT). The aim is to increase muscle in order to raise your metabolism and to achieve sustainable weight loss. The Cardio training component here is higher than other fitness goals, with about 20 minutes of your 1 hour Personal Training session.

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General Fitness

If you are new to fitness and weight loss, this is where you should start. Your personalised general fitness programme focuses on weight loss, muscle tone and basic muscular function. Cardio training is about 15 mins of your 1hr Personal Training session.

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Strength Training

A natural progression from a general fitness programme, strength training concentrates on exercises that help you get stronger, move better, and build greater muscle mass. You might also choose this if you want to lose weight. The focus is on the large muscles of the chest, back, legs, and shoulders, with the occasional triceps and biceps exercises. Your workout will include compound movements that activate multiple muscle groups, such as performing squats that target your quads, glutes, core, and calves. Cardio training will be about 10 mins of your 1hr Personal Training session.

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Muscle Tone

Muscle tone fitness will help you to improve your all round body definition. This goal is also a good choice when you want to lose weight. You will keep your heart rate high with exercises that work all your muscle groups with a mix of compound and isolation exercises, higher reps, and shorter rest periods. The cardio training component here is higher than other fitness goals, with about 25 mins of your 1hr Personal Training session.


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