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Your nutrition plan

You can change your body composition through diet alone without exercise. However, it's the combination of both that will provide a complete healthy balance. Food will be a key contributor in the outcome of your Body Transformation. 

I’ll guide you on introducing simple nutrition rituals as well as supporting you in implementing a pattern of eating rather than a rigid diet. When you eat will equally be as important as to what you eat. 

I am a huge advocate of using simple, uncomplicated ways to ensure portion control instead of adding to your stress levels by insisting that you measure everything and count every calorie. I believe in making small sustainable changes over the long-run versus a strict diet plan. 

The feeling you get when you are in a routine of working out and eating well has huge benefits on your mental wellbeing and the sense of achievement is self-fulfilling. 

Healthy Food

Your Personal Training plan

I appreciate that for many people the gym can be an intimidating and demotivating environment. Rest assured that effective and enjoyable workouts can be done anywhere, any time and with minimal equipment. Your workouts will be outside or if you prefer, at your home or at a private fitness studio in Hove. In addition to improving mental wellbeing, the great outdoors offers a calm, natural environment in which to start your transformation journey.


Your wellbeing coaching session

Alongside your Personal Training sessions, we’ll have weekly wellbeing coaching sessions (face to face or over Zoom) where we’ll work on behaviour change and building new habits. I’ll drip feed new tips and changes at the right time throughout your journey rather than bombarding you with information during your Personal Training sessions.

Your wellbeing coaching sessions will work on all aspects of your lifestyle, implementing a structure so that you stay in control of what’s happening in your day or week. We’ll look at putting systems in place to ensure you can fit in and make the most of your training sessions, adhere to your nutrition plan, as well as stick to some of the other important health rituals such as your daily water intake and the amount of sleep you’re getting. 

In the sessions we'll take time to review your progress, celebrate successes and set new goals whilst targeting behavioural changes through all areas of your lifestyle. This approach is a key supporter in achieving success in almost every area of self-improvement: from helping to eradicate anxiety and low self-esteem, to combatting sleepless nights.  

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