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What will happen during my consultation and first session?

It all begins with your initial assessment. After you send back the completed application form, we'll set up a meeting and go through your goals, medical history, movement assessment, nutritional assessment and talk about what your likes and dislikes are. You will be asked to perform some basic fitness and functional movement tests - don’t worry, these are very easy but very useful to establish your baseline fitness. You will then spend the rest of the session performing a variety of exercises to help design your programme and give you a taster of what is to come.

How long before I see results?

Most clients see progress after just a few weeks of following their plan. How long it'll take to achieve your desired Body Transformation goal, really depends on what your goal is. I'll do everything in my power to help you achieve a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

I'm a beginner will this be suitable for me?

Yes, when I create your plan, I'll keep in mind both your level of experience and your goals. I work with beginners to advanced clients. If you're a beginner, I'm going to ensure you achieve fantastic results in the quickest possible time and eliminate the guesswork for you. If you're an advanced athlete, then I'm going to ensure I take your training and knowledge to the next level.

How will you measure my progress?

I will measure your progress via many metrics, such as progress in strength (progressive overload), measurements, scale weight, improvements in endurance, and of course, assessing your body composition. Full body measurements are done every four weeks, with other metrics like strength and weight I'll track each week.

Will I receive nutrition plan?

Absolutely! You'll know what foods to eat and what foods are best avoided. You'll know what will be required pre and post-workout to optimise your performance and recovery. All this whilst providing delicious recipes to help keep things exciting. I will completely remove the guesswork for you.

Will I need to train every day?

No, I'll design a plan to fit around your lifestyle. Most of my clients train 3 to 4 times per week, but I have clients who train once per week and have others who train over seven times per week! 
I'll design the plan around what is optimal to you whilst ensuring it's effective, simple and most importantly fun.

How will I track what I eat?

I'll track your food diary by using the MyFitnessPal app. MyFitnessPal is the most popular and most user-friendly way of tracking your diet. Using this, I can ensure you're within your calorie targets, nailing your macros ratios as well as consuming an overall nutrient-rich diet.

What should I wear for a personal training session?

You’re going to be moving around and working up a sweat, so wear comfortable clothing that’s easy to move in and will still be comfortable when you get a bit sweaty, along with clean and comfortable trainers. Ladies, two words – sports bra!

Please do not wear jeans, high heels or other clothing unsuited to exercising.

If your session is taking place outdoors, please check the weather and dress appropriately. Remember that you will get hot and sweaty in the session, so bring a jumper or sweatshirt to keep you warm on your way home.

Where will I train?

Whenever possible, your Personal Training sessions will be outside. The great outdoors offers a calm, natural environment in which to start your body transformation journey. We live in a stunning part of the country boasting beautiful parks, gardens and coastline.  We will choose your workout locations together based on what’s convenient for you. I also have exclusive use of a fitness studio in Hove so in extreme weather conditions there will be a contingency plan.

What type of training will I do?

Within our tailored sessions you can expect to complete:

  • Resistance Training -using free weights, bands and kettlebells

  • Core Training –  using free weights and balls

  • Balance Training, though single leg work and balance boards

  • Circuit Training, using cones and speed ladders

  • Flexibility Training, using techniques from Yoga and Pilates

I specialise in resistance and body weight training. Resistance training with appropriate weights is key because as your lean muscle tissue increases, the rate at which you burn calories increases which in turn accelerates your metabolic rate. This helps to reduce excess body fat levels to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way. This is a highly efficient way of training because it means you don’t have to perform endless cardiovascular workouts!

What equipment will I use?

Effective and enjoyable workouts can be done anywhere, anytime and with minimal equipment. 
Only when we are happy with your form and technique will we incorporate additional fitness equipment such as dumbbells or a medicine ball. Included in your Body Transformation handbook I've given you guidance on the equipment you should ideally buy for use at your home.

Where will our Wellbeing sessions take place?

Coaching forms an integral part of your transformation journey so that we can check progress, talk about successes and obstacles and set new goals therefore, it’s imperative that we make time for a 1-1 (ideally face to face) catch up each week. This can be over a coffee after one of your PT sessions or at a separate time that works for you.


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